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He grew a love to build a client's perfect vision of a home. From roots in design, Anthony was determined to change the technique and threshold at which houses are built. He saw that not all houses are the same, but the quality at which they are constructed is. He was amazed at the cheap quality and poor durability houses held and has attempted to create, design, and build structures that are not just houses, but durable, enjoyable homes.

Never cut corners.


know your builder

A bit about our unique building practices.

go the extra mile

Never cut on quality.

Turn heads

Recognizable difference.

individual Building techniques


milled woodwork



Quality in detail.

From Scratch

By hand.

Novel design

Completely custom.

one of a kind

Unique trim packages.

WHat you want

Style to match you.

With each client at mind.

We hand select each trade to match your style,
each material to match
your design, and each detail to match your budget.

We consult, design, and construct the only way thats acceptable: professionally,
beautifully, eloquently.


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Meet Anthony Divizio: a Chicago born designer of over
3000+ homes and buildings. Anthony sees the potential of all living spaces by his unique outlook. His hand-drawn sketches are a direct reflection of his interpretation of custom homes as art. Because of his 30+ years of experience, Anthony is dynamic in his style. His building techniques and designs are tied together by a love of practicality and quality.

Anthony saw how builders sacrificed structural integrity, standards, and elegance, for cost and margins. He wanted to drive the caliber of building to the pinnacle. Anthony created The Divizio Group for clients— he wanted to provide an unmatched custom home experience with quality and style at mind. The Divizio Group is a design-build company capable of delivering quality homes that exceed the limits of integrity and beauty. Because Anthony’s work is often poorly mimicked, he  is constantly expanding upon his his repertoire.

His distinct building and design characteristics are only attainable as a result of his past experience. Anthony strives to push the quality threshold that clients seek, and is sure to provide an exceptional living space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. His great reputation with Villages creates a building process on the foundations of ease. Anthony works with his clients directly, line item by line item, to fit a budget that yields an exceptional project that is economical. Anthony is always happy to meet new clients and is looking for his next great challenge! Contact Anthony for a consultation and transform your home the DIVIZIO BUILT way!