The divizio built way

Good design is notable, great design is memorable...
and we push that threshold.


Professional consultations and a loyal, honest building protocol delivers a wonderful building experience.


Our hand drawn renderings, attention to detail & hand selected quality materials yield perfect homes, time after time.


Beautiful eloquence with every kitchen, home development. Our design and quality are truly unmatched. So much so that our work is often copied but never duplicated!

What REALLY sets us aside?

The specification, beauty and intrinsic detail of the homes we build are unmatched. Our determination and advertence to create the empitome of your perfect home diversifies us from any competition, or contender. As previous customers have experienced, the allure of the houses we construct separates us from mediocre builders. The exploitation of minute detail and bold tendencies within our homes, create unrivaled features that are incomparable. From start to finish, the experience of a DIVIZIO BUILT home drives us to become a superlative in the custom home industry.

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Never cut corners.

Superior Quality

You may never experience a home built to the exceptional standards of Divizio Group quality.

Smart Pricing

Always adjusting our pricing to fit around you. Our cost is always market competitive, that's the Divizio Built way.

Environmentally Friendly

Our building techniques always follow the latest environmentally conscious standards. We don't stop there; we go the extra mile to ensure our footprint is as small as possible.

Competitive Warranty

Our homes come with a limited warranty that ensures you can sit back and enjoy your Divizio Built home.

Intelligent Design

Novel design paired with the newest advancements in building practices and tech, our homes integrate beauty with intelligence.

Novel Building Practices

We build for longevity, using only the most innovative techniques that yield quality finished products.

Uniquely Custom

Unique designs, building characteristics, and styles that are proprietary to us. We give you the ability to select true custom, the Divizio way.

Hand Selected Professionals

Our subcontractors are professionals at their trade. We searched for the best in quality so you can sleep easy knowing your home is truly Divizio Built.

Detail Matters

Detail is the most important. Many other builders cut-corners and cheap out when it comes to saving cost. Our processes have ensured that we deliver true quality and durability.
That's the only way.
The Divizio Group way.

Sit amet elit

Your objective should always be to eliminate instructions entirely by making everything self-explanatory, or as close to it as possible. When instructions are absolutely necessary, cut them back to a bare minimum.

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